About Us

Royal Core Commerce offers a complete managed service offering for medium to large companies that transact with their vendors, suppliers and/or customers. The solutions value proposition is that it helps reduce costs, streamline operational processes and manage risk.


Our value proposition is that we are changing the current EDI service provider model offered by our competitors. Our solution is to offer our clients quality of service matched with cost certainty. Our competitors pricing models are so convoluted, difficult to understand and manage that companies have a hard time managing their budgets, whereas with Royal Core Commerce, we not only offer you savings, and quality, we offer you cost certainty.

Royal = signifies a quality solution offering, an EDI provider you can trust.

Core = as EDI is a transmission of electronic documents between companies (i.e. suppliers, vendors, customers – like invoices, purchase orders, inventory requests etc.) it is the backbone of all medium to large companies with a supply chain.

Commerce = the activity generated from buying and selling.