Outsourcing: Are you in the EDI business?

Probably not. Then why are you spending so much time and money on EDI?

Years ago when you started using EDI you had little choice but to buy EDI software, communication software and pay VAN fees. Then you had to hire an IT consultant to make it all work. When a new request from a customer for EDI came along, you had to spend even more money to get it working.

At some point you may have gone the outsourcing route but you might still feel like you’re paying too much. Transactions fees, mailbox fees, mapping fees, plus fees for this and fees for that. With every new request for EDI you still have to spend more money with your current EDI provider.

Today you have more choices and we’re the leading the way with our EDI for a flat monthly fee plans.

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Consolidation: Save Big!

Are you using two or more EDI systems or service providers? It costs you money and requires extra training, time and effort to keep up. You might think you have no choice – but you really do.

Even though some retailers may endorse or approve a particular EDI service provider, Royal Core Commerce also connects to those retailers every day and manages orders on behalf of our customers.

Other retailers may provide you with an online portal to retrieve your orders. You may not know it, but they give you the option to bypass their portal and use EDI instead – all you have to do is ask.

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Consulting: Experts at your disposal

When you need assistance that goes beyond the day-to-day use of EDI, we’re here to help through our project management, implementation, training, and consulting services.


We have multifaceted knowledge of information technology and business and our consultants have application knowledge and experience in a number of areas, including finance, retail, distribution and manufacturing.

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Integration: Complete the cycle

The fewer number of times you have to re-key a piece of data, the better.


Re-keying data takes time and increases the likelihood of errors that may result in your customer assessing penalties and chargebacks. Integrating Royal Core Commerce with your accounting or ERP system helps reduce errors and saves time. No longer paying penalties will more than cover the cost for integration.

We have successfully integrated our solution with many accounting and ERP business applications including: